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Bicycle Rider

Hey, I'm new to this community, but not new to the damn fine music that seems to draw you guys together.

I saw Of Montreal last night in Chattanooga at Lamar's; anyone else there? It was orgasmic; although my heart turned a bruise-colored shade of blue at the lack of "Lysergic Bliss" being played, seein as I had a dance for that song all mapped out in my head (...and heart). Regardless, twas damn fine, and I saw some really cool people.

The whole show was really affirming. I go to UTK, and I live in Maryville, so needless to say it's not often you find many people with similar aesthetic appreciations, especially those found in the sweet unadulterated vitality of pop bliss. Anyways, if you haven't seen Of Montreal live, I would recommend it.

I'd love to meet new people so if anyone feels compelled to meet a fucking awesome guy who's really hot and funny and seductive and just all around damn awesome, then well, look no further!
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